Immobilien & Consulting GmbH
set up in 2003 - (ALPA)

ALPA Immobilien & Consulting GmbH (ALPA) is owned and managed by Alexis and Patrick Petri (The Petri's).

Since 1991 the Petri`s have focussed on acquisition, development, refurbishment of run down to upmarket flats and houses and residential property management.

ALPA can provide a full management service, including value added services such as strategic advice on rent increases, appraisal of renovation projects and negotiations with commercial tenants and local authorities.

ALPA can also provide the full range of facility management. Across its base of managed properties the Petri`s have consistently achieved an above market occupancy rate of close to 100% by using innovative and structured rental planning.

ALPA is therefore able to outperform the market. ALPA also provides strategic advice, including sourcing of properties and negotiations with vendors.

ALPA has in-depth knowledge of planning and zoning or rezoning issues due to the fact that it is in constant contact with authorities, architects, engineers etc. in Frankfurt am Main.

Shopping-malls: ALPA consulted "BIG PLAYERS" and has a strong reputation.

ALPA is in daily contact with banks, tax and legal advisors, companies and other financial institutions.